Exclusive: UMU Nokia Hack by CODeRUS - Easiest Hacking Tool For Symbian Devices!

Posted by S60touch on 01:58 PM, 22-Sep-11

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It's been a while since CODeRUS, a famous Russian fellow found a solution to hack Symbian Operating System without obtaining a personal certificate. And recently he has introduced more simplified method where you don't even need a computer. Before proceeding, I would like to give a little info about what hacking means:
- It allows installing any application whether it is signed or not
- It allows, to some extent, modifying the firmware without installing CFW's
- It helps you save your money!
- It is completely safe!

Here's the tutorial

1. Install X-Plore to the phone memory. It's a powerful file manager which has some great features like music player, .ZIP, .RAR archiver, video player, notepad, etc.
Despite being trial, there no feature limitations in the application smile

Start the application. Press Menu -> Tools -> Configuration.

Tick ''Show Hidden Files'' and ''Show System Files/Folders''.

2. Now install UMU Nokia Hack to the phone memory.

After installation is finished, UMU Mobile Security will start automatically. As the application is demo, it will require Internet connection for activation. Make sure you have a properly configured access point for internet connection.

Now it asks for the product key, just press ok, accept licence terms and go on...

Now you have to set a password for the application, input anything you want (minimum 3 letters), for example, 123 and confirm it.

Now you are in the main screen of the application. Press Options -> Anti-Virus, then tap on the Quarantine.

Now you can see a quarantine file named updatedswicertstore.dat just press Options -> Restore and it will disappear.

Now uninstall UMU Mobile Security. In your menu, press Options -> Organize -> Highlight the application icon -> Remove and enter the password.

3. Now the next step is to install RomPatcherPlus v3.1 to the phone memory. After installation, start the application and press Options -> All Patches -> Apply. Set them autostart by pressing Add To Auto.
Note: Don't uninstall RomPatcher!

4. Now we're in the last step. To completely eliminate ''certificate error'' pop-ups, we need to copy installserver.exe to C:/Sys/Bin. Bring X-Plore to foreground.
Important: Make certain you've picked the right file, see Readme note first. If you copy a wrong file, you'll get ''File Corrupted'' message while installing applications. In this case, just delete installserver and try another one.

Now select the file and press Menu -> File -> Extract to... navigate to C:/Sys/Bin directory and press Ok! previewpreview

You have successfully hacked your phone. Now you can install anything you have downloaded from the web! If you got any question, visit our ››› Facebook Page ‹‹‹


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5 responses to "Exclusive: UMU Nokia Hack by CODeRUS - Easiest Hacking Tool For Symbian Devices!"

vijay on 08:24 AM, 27-Sep-11

can we unhack the phone again and if we hack the phone will it affect the warranty?

Nony on 03:37 PM, 11-Nov-11

How can i make rompatcher install on my nokia e5...is it possiblie???

Rindra on 06:58 PM, 02-Feb-12

cip cip cip

rini on 02:43 AM, 07-Feb-12

kalo kode prodkx ga bisa gmna ya...

Mohama.ox on 02:57 PM, 21-Apr-12

Excause me.my phone (5800xm)have eror.it don't restor the file and write the path .....,please help me.thx

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